I grew up watching my parents drink Shaah. We didn't see much coffee, it was simply Shaah that we drank. In the morning, we'd wake up to the scent of Shaah and after lunch, we'd have our afternoon tea with some Somali delicacies and treats. So, the scent of Shaah is home for me, wherever I am.
As my siblings and I grew up, it became our responsibility to make the Shaah, and of course since my father loves his Shaah *perfect* he trained us on how to make it. Before we knew it, people knew our family to make some good Shaah and would "drop by" to say hello, but we all knew what they really came for. Little did they know that we had years of training in perfecting our Shaah, courtesy of our parents. 
How Shaah Tea was created is quite an interesting story...
There were some potlucks at my university that I took a thermos of Shaah to, and my peers loved it! Some even came to me with the raw ingredients ready to learn how to make it. I made the blends, and thought... maybe I should try selling it. I thought people would love it. And now here we are. 
Shaah Tea is about sharing Somali culture with people. This is how we drink tea, these are the flavours we live by. And we finally don't have to spend those extra minutes in the kitchen blending things, measuring, etc. All you do now is pop a teabag or a teaspoon of the loose leaf and done! You've got yourself Shaah. You're welcome, world. 
About Me 
My name is Kawsar, and I am behind Shaah Tea. I am a solo mama to two school age kids (I can't believe this!). I put time into this business with the belief that my children are watching and learning from what I do. I am the first in my family to jump into this world of business, but I definitely will not be the last. 
I also happen to be a full-time student midwife [with a background in Psychology].  I am in the world of healthcare and women's health when I am not building and working on the Shaah business; although I do use this valuable knowledge to draft up some relevant articles for this website. I do a lot of extracurricular discussion facilitation on women's issues and health, not only is it a hobby but I also use my educational background to try to help women and girls. All this happens when I'm not attending births or in class. 
Welcome to Shaah Tea, I hope you help yourself to some Shaah - either you can make it yourself with the ready-made blends or you can have it catered directly to you if you are in Southern Ontario, Canada.