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Gut Health

I bet you’ve probably heard quite a bit about gut health and that taking good care of your gut is incredibly helpful to your body. Well, there is a ton of information coming out about gut health and its impacts on the body recently. But, what exactly is gut health?   What is Gut Health?    The gut is also known as the gastrointestinal system; and it is the tract that begins at the mouth and ends at the bowel. It is in charge of breaking down our food into nutrients that our body can use for energy. Each organ in the gut has a designated job and a set of microorganisms that do their jobs of breaking down the...

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Delicious Tea Recipes

Here, we will go through step by step directions on how to make our recipe for a  cup or thermos of Shaah. There are different ways of making it, and you can pick which is most suitable for you.

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Health benefits of the Original Blend

Somali Shaah is best known for its rich flavours. But, have we thought about the health benefits associated with our favourite beverage? We've looked into the research about the benefits of each ingredient for you!

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